Image processing

Strategic vision

From its creation in 1986 DELTATEC business has been closely related to the image, in the industrial and video broadcast markets as well as in entertainment, medical and space markets.

DELTATEC expertise extends from static image to real-time high-speed video stream.

Image processing is one of the most demanding domains in terms of computational power. DELTATEC uses a mix of different technologies to address this challenge:  ASIC, FPGA, GPU, CPU, DSP, microcontrollers. Each solution is designed using a balance of these technologies based on criteria such as target market, power limitation and application requirements.

The image processing embraces a very large number of methods and applications. DELTATEC is mainly active in the field of professional video, high-performance cameras and industrial control.

Typical industry applications include automatic measurement reading, quality control or position control.

In video broadcast markets, DELTATEC addresses real-time video processing applications:

  • Video Compression & CODEC :IMX, XDCAM or DVCPRO
  • Keying, chromakeying, colour space conversion, …
  • Augmented reality
  • Image tracking

The digital cameras are evolving rapidly: HFR (High Frame Rate), HDR (High Dynamic Range), high resolution, multi and hyper-spectral are now required for a lot of industrial, professional and scientific applications. DELTATEC has developed  strong  competencies in all these fields :

  • Debayering,  deinterlacing, frame rate resampling, …
  • Real-time sensor image correction : DSNU (dark signal non-uniformity), PRNU (photo response non-uniformity) PRNL (photo response non-linearity)
  • Hyperspectral embedded processing
  • Custom camera (from very low power to high resolution, hyperspectral…)

Tools & Methods

Based on its large experience, DELTATEC has developed powerful methodologies and strong competencies in image processing.

The approach uses the best balance between all the available technologies. As an example, DELTATEC has developed an original camera tracking technology. The system is based on dedicated hardware for the IOs, standard PC for the image processing and a GPU for the most demanding parts of the algorithm. In order to access the performance a set of image-based measurements tools has been simultaneously implemented.

From the proof of concept to the industrialised product, we offer a wide range of services including initial study, FPGA design, software design, simulation, mechanical integration…

The number of tools and methodologies used by DELTATEC is so wide it is impossible to mention all here. Here are some examples:

  • CUDA Graphics Processing Unit, General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units.
  • Framework to support professional Codec through internal tools. Those codec’s were already integrated in various projects with success even under real-time constraints.
  • SoC FPGA design methodology for real-time image processing.
  • Custom sensor (ASIC) specification and manufacturing follow-up.
  • UHD test video server hardware and software technologies.
  • FPGA CCSDS 123 hyperspectral compression.

DELTATEC has also solution and tools for the main video standard : SDI, Video over IP, HDMI, Display Port, USB 3.0 and custom.