Product compliance is such an important issue for a new product that it a competence centre has been dedicated to it. 

CE marking indicates that a product respects the protection levels fixed by the European authorities and is mandatory for any new product that is to be sold in Europe.

Other certifications are mandatory for addressing specific markets (medical, space...) or targeting non-European countries (UL, CSA...).

The following steps have to be fulfilled:

  • Study of applicable directives
  • Determination of applicable regulations
  • Application of regulations during the design phase
  • Determination of the certification procedure
  • Application of regulations during the certification phase
  • Elaboration of the required technical documentation

The preliminary steps are usually carried out in the initial study that a complex project necessitates, in order to integrate the requirements linked to certification into the design process.

Depending on our client's requests, we can take a product to either the pre-compliance or full compliance stage.