Strategic vision

Multimedia refers to content that uses a combination of different content forms: text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactive content forms... Most of the development of DELTATEC involve one or more of these media. So the company is ideally positioned in the multimedia segment.

First of all DELTATEC has a strong experience in professional digital video market and is familiar with technologies such as SDI, ASI, DVI and HDMI. For each of those interfaces, products have been designed ranging from the boards to complete broadcast products. Amon others, the event and digital signage markets also require state-of-the-art multimedia applications.

Multimedia can be recorded and played, displayed, dynamic, interacting with or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices. It also can be part of a live performance. Multimedia devices are electronic media devices used to store and experience multimedia content.

On the other hand DELTATEC has significant skills in rea-time images synthesis, applied in the field of video games, augmented reality and broadcast live production.

The TV market changes very quickly and new concepts appear each days. The PCs, smartphones, tablets and other interconnected devices revolutionaries the world of the media. DELTATEC has anticipated this movement and is today a first-choice partner to develop connected multimedia apps.

The future is not neglected. With the explosion of the interactive applications, the Hypermedia scales up the amount of media content in multimedia application. Products are dynamically evolving and DELTATEC is constantly on the lookout for new features and technologies, such as Video over IP to give a today example.

Tools & Methods

From real-time synthesis to compression undergoing smartphone, DELTATEC competence ranges from powerful hardware development to high-end software design.

The tools and methods maintained in domain such image processing, FPGA, processor & PCB are used during the development of multimedia products.

The quality is one of the main goals of DELTATEC. During the development, a specific attention is given to standards and norms, in order to ensure complete compatibility with other equipments. Testing is essential because the products are used in a 24/7 environment where no crashes are allowed.

The multimedia tab performs all the tests (hardware, firmware, software, interoperability, reliability…) required to achieve the high level of quality required by the market.

By example DELTATEC is able to deal with compressed contents (such as IMX, XDCAM or DVCPRO) through internal tools using software codecs. Those codecs were already integrated in various broadcast studios with success even under real-time constraints.

Thanks to its experience in embedded software, professional audio processing has become a skill for DELTATEC. Audio support was integrated in different projects where complete audio processing is implemented in a DSP.