Web technologies

Strategic vision

We live in is a growing universe of interlinked WEB pages and WEB apps, teaming with videos, pictures, music and interactive content.

Over time WEB technologies have evolved to give WEB developers the ability to create new generations of useful and immersive WEB experiences. WEB is a result of the ongoing efforts of an open WEB community that helps defining WEB technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and WEBGL, and ensure that they are supported in all WEB browsers.

Now SaaS (Software As A Service) is starting to transform the software ecosystem in depth. DELTATEC strategy is to play a major role in this major mutation.

Cloud Computing offers the flexibility expected by decision makers. This flexibility is particularly founded in the cost associated to an “on-demand” computing model and the ability to define the availability associated with a proposed service.

DELTATEC has chosen to invest in Cloud computing to allow customers to take advantage from this flexibility, providing solutions where scalability should be a central concern.

Today the number of connected devices is exploding, especially with smart phones or connected cars. This connectivity makes sense when devices are attached to specific services. The cloud appears as an obvious answer for the development of these specific solutions and DELTATEC is a key actor in this context of IoT (Internet of Things).

WEB technologies are used by DELTATEC to design remote or built-in user interfaces and to provide remote control using WEB services.

Tools & Methods

For each project, DELTATEC chooses the best technology according the application ranging from embedded WEB server to sophisticated Cloud distribution. For the Cloud deployment DELTATEC  selects the right model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and can work with various service providers (Azure, Amazon WEB Services, Aruba…).

DELTATEC proposes custom tailored solutions adapted to customer needs (Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud) and applications integrated in an existing distributed environment or created from scratch.

The main WEB technologies mastered by DELTATEC are:

  • HTTP Server: Apache, IIS…
  • Front-end development: HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript  (JQuery, AngularJS, ExtJS…)
  • Back-end development: PHP, ASP, Symfony, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, razor…
  • WEB-services: JSON, XML…
  • Content management system : Umbraco