Strategic vision

Today, more and more integrated designs have to deal with environment constraints requesting to be in line with very specific requirements. Aerospace, railway and healthcare projects are particularly concerned. 


Among those requirements, DELTATEC, with its tools and skills, can take care of the following aspects:

  • Thermal management

Heat generated by electronic devices and circuitry must be dissipated to improve reliability and prevent premature failure. Using simulation CAD, DELTATEC simulates the thermal behavior of the developed product to make sure it will withstand the thermal constraints all along its life. Heatsinks and fans maybe designed and dimensioned during this phase.

  • Mechanical constraints

Using finite element analysis, DELTATEC can simulate the behavior of parts and assemblies against their mechanical constraints (static and dynamic analysis, estimation of fundamental natural frequencies…).

  • Humidity/Dust

In many environments, electronic devices must stand rough conditions and work for their indented period of time nevertheless they are set out to dirt, dust and humidity.

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

By analysis and measures performed into certified laboratories, DELTATEC ensures that the developed product will be compatible with its electromagnetic environment. This is often a mandatory step for any product certification.