Invensys Metering Systems (now Sensus Metering Systems Inc.) manufactures domestic water meters for water distribution companies all over the world.


To computerize the test procedure for the water meters during the manufacturing stage, in order to assure a full tracking and test report service.

This requires an automatic solution for acquiring, interpreting and archiving the test results.


DELTATEC developed the AquaScan, a self-contained, battery operated, high-performance automatic data logger. 

The AquaScan uses a camera to take a picture of the register of the water meters as they pass along the metrological test on the test benches.  

Powerful digital signal processing software implements a proprietary algorithm to retrieve the counter index and the counter identification number. The algorithm combines several basic image-processing functions to obtain these readings. 

Once the test results for all the water meters have been collected, the information is transferred to a host PC using a high-speed USB connection. The data is then available on the company LAN for further off-line processing and storage operations.
The host PC also configures, manages and upgrades the Aquascan.