Software Design


Due to the growing complexity of our client's designs and thanks to the evolution in technology, software design became a strategic activity in 1996.

It was a natural consequence of the availability of a large variety of generic processors, dedicated processors (typically DSPs) and microcontrollers.

Today the presence of software in embedded systems is just an evidence. Designing an embedded architecture is a very exciting challenge: finding the right balance between software and hardware, selecting the right processors… The evolution of the devices, the development of the SoC concept and the presence of processors in FPGAs enlarge the range of potential solutions.

The development of embedded and mobile devices also implies the mastership of more and more embedded operating systems and the ability to design various low-level drivers. The fact that we are in a communicating world requires the integration of diverse communication protocols, to be adapted to each use case.

User interfaces are a key element for most embedded systems and is also a topic well mastered by DELTATEC.

Besides all those movements in the embedded market, the PC world is far from being static. The power evolution of the processors follows the Moore’s law and both CPUs and GPUs are fantastic devices for implementing high-performing software algorithms and application. DELTATEC has developed a significant knowledge in this field: parallel processing, CUDA… Its proprietary 3D graphic engine is a very convincing example of this know-how.