Manufacturing Management


DELTATEC manufacturing management service is the most valuable proof of the quality of its designs and a sign of its will and ability to assume the full technical responsibility of a project.

DELTATEC usually selects the latest technologies for its design projects. Due to the quick evolution of the technical world, DELTATEC has strategically decided not to have on-site production machines, whose return on investment would imply to be more conservative for design choices. That’s why the activity is called manufacturing management.

Most customers take advantage of this manufacturing management service, typically because: 

  • The complete technical responsibility of the product is assumed by one single partner, from the architecture design up to the after-sales service
  • A long-term relationship with a high-level technical partner taking in charge obsolescence management and product evolution is quite valuable
  • Manufacturing can be anticipated by DELTATEC during the design phase, typically through the purchase of long-lead items, which offers a drastic reduction of time to market.

The manufacturing process includes: 

  • Purchase of devices
  • Outsourcing of PCB manufacturing
  • Outsourcing of the assembly of the devices on the PCBs
  • Outsourcing of mechanical parts manufacturing and surface treatments
  • Mechanical assembly in DELTATEC premises
  • Test and validation of each manufactured system

Manufacturing management includes product traceability, respect of standards, and, most important, a very efficient after-sales service.