Looking for miniaturized embedded AI for your camera?

Looking for miniaturized embedded AI for your camera?

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Are you developing AI networks?

Are you looking for miniaturized, low-power solutions to embed AI in your camera? DELTATEC provides complete hardware design, camera development, and manufacturing along with AI application integration services based on HAILO edge coprocessors.
DELTATEC can help you convert proprietary AI applications developed in high-end frameworks (running on high-end GPUs) towards constrained edge-AI environment.

Furthermore, our partner HAILO will be exhibiting at Embedded World in Nürnberg from April 9 to 11 in Hall 1, booth 126.  This could be a good opportunity for you to have a look at the options we could propose.
In the meantime, DELTATEC offers also a free initial feasibility study to provide you with estimates for electronic design, AI network optimization and costs.

Through the DELTATEC x HAILO collaboration, our goal is to enable more companies and developers to seamlessly integrate AI into their embedded products, making edge AI more accessible and transformative than ever before.