Strategic vision

The design of PCB is not simply connecting components to each other or to some external interfaces. It requires the development of a layout incorporating all the applicable constraints and ensuring the proper functionalities and performance, as well as the reliability and the manufacturability of the product.

The constraints are much more numerous than one might think: consumption, mechanical integration, environmental stress, heat dissipation, electromagnetic immunity, testability and compliances with diverse and multiple standards,...

Major elements must be taken into account , such as: signal integrity, compliance with timing constraints, technological choices, production cost and time optimization.

So nowadays designing a PCB has become an art that is changing fast and must answer tight integration, explosion of components densities and increased data rates. Always smaller, always faster, always more power saving... Every PCB design stage is a challenge that DELTATEC experienced design team is ready to take on.


To create a PCB that will meet all the expectations, DELTATEC uses the most advanced design tools on the market and relies on a proven methodology which is continually updated to exploit the latest available technologies (Sixteen or more layers, BGA and fine pitch components, blind or buried vias...). The company’s expertise and design methods results of over 25 years’ experience in advanced PCB design.

DELTATEC experienced team devoted to PCB design uses Mentor Graphics Expedition® and Altium Designer® softwares suites for the design of PCB. Mechanical exports that facilitate integration and thermal simulations of systems are made with Solidworks®.

Depending on the needs, DELTATEC can simulate parts or all of the design using the Mentor Graphics HyperLynx® software that offers a complete suite of analysis and simulation (Signal and Power Integrity). Analyze, verify and validate the proper operation of critical signals by simulation minimizes risk to avoid the high costs of a PCB re-spin.

The respect of standards and environmental requirements are included in PCB design rules, with subsets adapted to different fields: space, medical, automotive…

But DELTATEC provides more than design and can manufacture prototypes and production series in collaboration with PCB manufacturers who meet very strict quality regulations and are selected according to the project's technical and economic requirements.


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