Strategic vision

DELTATEC and FPGAs were born at the same moment and the initial business plan of the company exclusively focused on FPGA design activity. During 30 years, FPGA technology has evolved a lot and still remains the key component of systems designed by DELTATEC.

The nature and versatility of this component allow the building of highly complex and very effective architectures in various fields: from high-speed applications that require a lot of performance to systems where consumption and size are critical.

FPGAs are the most cost-effective solutions for products with significant added-value and  manufacturing quantities up to some thousand units. FPGAs offer the benefits of a specific hardware solution that implements dedicated features with the reliability of a deterministic hardware system.

The on-site reconfiguration capabilities of FPGAs are a very appealing advantage for product upgrades.

Finally FPGAs allow rapid prototyping and verification in the flow of custom ASIC designs.

Up to now, DELTATEC has completed hundreds of projects, established many partnerships with FPGAs manufacturers and continuously adapted its methodologies to the evolution of the components. The days when FPGAs were just implementing programmable logic are gone, now modern FPGAs are true SoCs (Systems on Chip) that incorporate DSP or ARM® processors cells within the component. So users can now enjoy the benefits of a SoC combined with the flexibility and power of a dedicated hardware solution, making the FPGA an ideal solution for many applications.

The latest FPGA architectures also target the easy integration of FPGA IP cores, which provides the FPGA designer with interesting alternatives to save development time.


Depending on the project, DELTATEC first selects the most suitable devices. So DELTATEC  works with various FPGA products, such as Xilinx®, Altera®, Atmel®, Lattice®, Microsemi® or NanoXplore BRAVE.

As a member of the Xilinx Alliance Program, DELTATEC’s development team has privileged access to the latest technology, tools, training and components. By working closely with technical support, DELTATEC is able to offer the best technical solutions based on FPGA.The company services cover all phases of FPGA design, from feasibility studies for cutting-edge applications to final tests on the board:

  • Architecture development
  • Design optimization
  • RTL coding
  • Embedded software coding
  • Code verification
  • Test bench writing
  • Simulations
  • IP integration

DELTATEC has developed a strong expertise in high-speed communication protocols and interfaces (PCIe, GbE, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, SATA, SDI, ASI), memory interfaces (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4), signal processing, audio and video compression and image processing.

Whatever the manufacturer, DELTATEC offers the best methodology and tools to simplify the development and shorten the time to market.




    Real-time quality control



    Compact Hyperspectral Instrument

  • CLS


    PROBA 3 - Coarse Lateral Sensor