System Development


Customers entrust DELTATEC either for the full design of their product or for a participation in their development project, typically hardware and low-level software design.

In the first case, DELTATEC usually receives technical requirements from the system integrator that are the starting point for the design architecture and evaluation.

The full design of a product gives other responsibilities to DELTATEC. The project typically starts from a global functional description and a general set of technical, economic, manufacturing and environmental requirements.

The detailed definition of the product usually requires the mastership of various disciplines, such as hardware, software and packaging. Moreover, it implies a set of simulations and analyses: power consumption, thermics, vibrations, weight budget, product costs…

The large experience of DELTATEC, its knowledge in many technological fields, its organisation in competence centres and the skills of its engineers are the major elements that bring confidence to its customers.

Of course, the final goal of the system development service is to provide customers with a product that is ready for manufacturing and not simply with a prototype. This implies a full understanding of the manufacturing techniques as well as performing design methodologies.

In order to ensure customers that they will have the expected product at the end of the project, DELTATEC systematically proposes to take the product manufacturing and the related after-sales service on board.