Hardware Design

The core activity of the company when founded in 1986

DELTATEC was founded in 1986 exclusively as a hardware design house. Of course, the company activity has evolved on a regular basis but hardware design definitely remains the heart of most of the projects.

More than 70% of DELTATEC projects deal with real-time video and are very challenging in terms of performances, signal quality, data transmission and image processing. This requires an advanced management of communication channels, memories, processors, FPGAs and PCBs.

These challenges imply continuous improvement of design methods and tools; for instance, signal integrity has to be studied very carefully and FPGA advanced simulations are mandatory.

The heart of DELTATEC designs is quite often an FPGA, which is a technology where DELTATEC has a very strong experience, with more than 2000 designs, using various models.

PCB is another critical part of a hardware design; DELTATEC methodology includes different sets of rules and tools, in order to address the project requirements; for example, a PCB managing high-speed video is very different from a PCB embarked on a satellite.

DELTATEC provides the following services: 

  • Board design
  • FPGA design
  • Obsolescence management
  • Cost reduction studies
  • Training

Deliverables of a hardware project are typically a working prototype and a full set of documentation.



  • SWAP


    Extreme UV telescope



    Audio Management Unit and Extension

  • JEMA


    Power supply