The consortium of the project SAVE is composed of different Belgium competences centres and universities (UCL ECS and ISP teams and the CETIC) and private companies (nSilition, RVC, Acic and Deltatec).


The SAVE projects is an ambitious R&D program funded by the Walloon Region. The goal of the project is to build a new Internet-Of-Things optical embedded platform with wireless communication capabilities and an extra low power consumption. This high end platform targets a wide market; from the smart metering to the city traffic monitoring.


DELTATEC is the coordinator of this project, the responsible of the all the manufacturing aspects and the designer of the packaging of the SAVE platform.

As coordinator, DELTATEC goal is to maintain a global vision of the program objectives whatever the difficulties encountered in this kind of high-level R&D. Moreover, DELTATEC brings its long experience in the development and the manufacturing of complex products, in particular for the industrialization aspects of the products.


To reach the 10 years battery life of the project a fully custom board is designed to interface a new ultra low power CMOS sensor developed by the University of Louvain-La-Neuve. Thanks to its integration capabilities, DELTATEC has designed a plastic package including the electronics and an optical system. Rapid prototyping is used to reduce the proof of concept development time.