Our client is a company active in television broadcasting, graphic design, embedded hardware and engineering. It offers product design, integration, and turn-keys service capabilities.


OCR is a solution for integrating timing, score and game data from any sporting event into the television broadcast or web stream. Utilizing optical character recognition, OCR “reads” in real-time the characters right off the scoreboard from SD or HD cameras.

     1) The camera is placed anywhere in the sports room


     2) Score and game data are identified


     3) Data are recognized, streamed and displayed inside on-air graphics



The main challenges are that the complete detection process is real-time with minimal latency, and that the system works with any camera type that may be placed anywhere in the sports room (any lighting conditions, and any viewing conditions).

In addition, the software is designed to run on portable solution (laptop).


Thanks to its large image processing experience, DELTATEC was able to propose and develop a complete solution mixing both GPU and CPU processing technologies to achieve the goal.

Finally, the solution includes the incoming video capture, the recognition process and data streaming over IP in a single ergonomic application.