DELTACAST is a business unit of DELTATEC dedicated to broadcast graphics, with a strong commitment for the next generation of virtual graphics for live sporting events.

DELTACAST flagship products are DELTA-live, an augmented reality graphic generator for soccer live games, DELTA-highlight, an augmented reality based sport analysis system, DELTA-branding a real-time 3D advertisement insertion system and DELTA-stat, a statistics generation and presentation system.

DELTACAST is born in 2004, from the concentration of experience gained in DELTATEC in broadcast video, image processing and game development. From this experience, DELTACAST has developed proprietary outstanding technologies related to image-based sensor-free camera tracking and broadcast quality 3D rendering.

DELTACAST got also great benefits from DELTATEC skills in real-time programming, system integration and hardware development. Particularly DELTACAST products integrate the broadcast qualified video interfaces from DELTACAST.TV, providing products with capabilities for integration in the most advanced video workflows.

Broadcasting market has very strong simultaneous requirements on system reliability, operation efficiency and cost effectiveness. DELTACAST has therefore brought novel ways for product development particularly efficient for the industrial world. DELTACAST technologies like the 3D-engine or video storage modules are the foundation of multiple DELTATEC projects.

DELTACAST and DELTATEC close integration also provides a capability for provision of customised TV projects. Particularly, DELTACAST is able to propose tailored solutions for show or TV game automation.

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