Everlasting Group is a Belgian audiovisual group composed of Everlasting Prod and KNTV.

Founded in 2002, Everlasting Prod main activity is the creation, development and production of turnkey content. With over 300 hours of programmes produced each year, Everlasting offers, through its brands, numerous broadcast feeds but also highly diverse productions ranging from entertainment, game shows, information and social magazines to reality TV shows, special reports and event-based programmes. Everlasting Prod produces content for French broadcasters such as M6, NRJ 12 and D8.

KNTV is perhaps best known for being behind the show “Just Kidding”, broadcasted in more than hundred countries. But it’s also an influential player on Belgium’s francophone audiovisual landscape since 1982, having created strong brands that have been fixtures in the daily lives of Belgian TV viewers for over a decade.


Since 2003, KNTV produces 'Septante et UN', an unavoidable premium access primetime quiz show broadcasted on RTL-TVI. In this game led by Jean-Michel Zecca, a single candidate faces an audience of 70 people in the studio. To win, the single candidate must eliminate the entire audience at the end of the 10th question.

In close collaboration with KNTV, DELTACAST had to realise the complete automation of the show including control of the voting system, lighting, sound FX, video wall displays, on air overlays...


One of the main challenges is the overall organisation within a very short deadline. Thanks to a very modular software, hardware architecture and its multi-disciplinary team, DELTACAST is able to design the different parts of the automation system in parallel and optimize drastically the system integration.


Only one operator is needed. On cue orders from the director, he manages the automation system through a custom touchscreen interface adapted to the quiz show rules.

The solution is composed of a PCs network infrastructure centred around a database that:

  • Contains the question, the public and the candidate information
  • Manages the rules of the game
  • Controls display on all video walls and screens on stage
  • Launches the audio and light effects
  • Supervises 'septante et UN' voting machines
  • Updates the script and presentator control desks

Note that the DELTACAST’s video cards and the DELTACAST’s graphics software suites are used for character and animation generation. DELTACAST also provides the operation service for this project.