With more than 35 years of radiology experience, Medex Loncin S.A. mainly designs and manufactures a wide range of analogical and digital medical imaging X-ray equipment, used in both veterinarian and human medicine.


MEDEX was looking for a local partner to reduce the time-to-market of its new product line. MEDEX has thus subcontracted the development of the positioning command board of its new radiographic table.


Despite the low complexity of the tasks to be performed by the equipment, several challenges due to the medical environment of the final product have been encountered. The tablet shall never endangering someone's life. Strong IP level, very low noise emission and ergonomic daily usage were different requests of MEDEX.


DELTATEC has designed a fully integrated control desk. The use of a fully custom membranes switches enables the design to be fully water proof. On the electronic board, several microcontroller checks continuously the health of the system and report on a CAN bus the different action of the operator.