The client is a spin-off of the “Université catholique de Louvain” (UCL).


The project consists in the localization and tracking of RFID tags using low-cost technologies. The UCL has developed a prototype of a RFID positioner based on an antenna network.  An IQ-demodulation is applied on the RFID signals captured by the antennas. Those demodulated signals are then converted into the digital domain and sent on an Ethernet network.

It has been asked to DELTATEC to develop the PCB that makes the interface between the IQ demodulator and the Ethernet network.


DELTATEC has built its low-cost solution around the couple of an ARM-based 32bits microcontroller (STM32) and a flash-based FPGA from Mircrosemi. The FPGA captures digital signals coming from the analog-to-digital converters and records them into FIFOs. The ARM microcontrollers then reads those FIFOs and sends the data over the Ethernet network.