Psychomed has been active for more than 30 years in the market of relaxing and mind boosting. Focusing on the sensorial stimulation, Psychomed has provided several products on medical institutes before aiming the consumer market.


Psychomed wanted to provide a modern and integrated version of their previous success product. The PSIO is a product that offers a mind boosting effect by mixing up auditory and visual stimulations. To achieve the wanted effect, the light strobes have to be perfectly synchronized with the sound.

The PSIO glasses offer a battery powered MP3 player able to extract light sequences information embedded in the MP3 Tags to drive RBG LEDs

Challenge & Solutions

DELTATEC industrialized an existing hardware platform and designed the embedded software. The design implements a full USB mass-storage stack and MP3 player capabilities on a small OS-less microcontroller, focusing on low-power aspect. The application has to decode the embedded light sequence contained in the MP3 files and driving the LEDs in accordance, perfectly synchronized with the audio stream.