OVIZIO Imaging Systems


OVIZIO Imaging Systems 


Ovizio Imaging Systems, a company providing an innovative microscopic imaging technology to the bioprocessing market, is developing the iLine F microscope. The iLine F microscope uses Ovizio’s proprietary technology, a unique Holograms-based method, for on-line, non-invasive, and label-free suspension cell counting and classification. Combined with a bioreactor, it continuously tracks objects in real-time and, at a single cell level; with high accuracy and enables automation of current manual processes.

This microscope requires a management electronics able to gather all the information from the microscope various sensors and to control the several actuators and pumps. Ovizio thrust DELTATEC for the design and the manufacturing of this electronics.


Besides the very thigh planning, the two main challenges were:

  • The number and the variety of the different interfaces to be managed by the electronic board.
  • The respect of the EMC requirements of this medical device


Based on the requirements set, DELTATEC has designed a control electronic from scratch. This electronic is thus perfectly matched with the needs of the microscope. Moreover, a mezzanine board is also foreseen to provide an additional connectivity capacity.

The higher power interfaces have been carefully designed and the DC/DC finely tuned in order to meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements. 

For the ease of the customer, all the interfaces have been abstracted by a software API allowing Ovizio to focus on the application it-self. The selected microprocessor has been chosen from the STM32 portfolio.

DELTATEC is quite proud to have contributed to this innovative product that has been helpful during the COVID-19 crisis.