For a number of decades, the company JEMA (also known under the name JEMA Elec) has been the uncontested Belgian specialist in high performance DC power supplies while remaining a benchmark in the production of made to measure coil-based dry and resistance transformers. JEMA's high performance DC power supplies contribute daily to the treatment of hundreds of patients in numerous proton therapy treatment centres (cancer treatment by proton beams) in Europe, Asia and the United States.


In the scope of the proton therapy treatment, JEMA has to develop a very high performance DC power supply. This power supply is involved in the proton beam control and has thus very strong requirements.


The stability requirements on the supply output are far beyond the existing DC supplies existing in the market (10mA of precision on a 160A current output). The high power sections have to be integrated in the same package than the fully digital control.

Beside these technical requirements, a strict cost control is asked to DELTATEC within a very thigh schedule.


The innovative and cost effective way chosen by DELTATEC is the reuse of an existing AC/DC power supply improved thanks to an efficient homemade control board. The control board includes all the signal chains necessary to monitor and control the off-the-shelf AC/DC. Thanks to all the information digitalized on the control board, DELTATEC is able to improve the initial performance of the AC/DC and to reach the customer specifications.

The fabrication is managed by DELTATEC that delivers a fully assembled and tested product.