APEX (Audio Products of EXcellence) is based in Belgium and is a company active in the development and manufacturing of both digital and analogue audio equipment for performance conscious customers in the touring and installation industry.

Apex has always been on the leading edge of creating innovative products. Their combination of graphic and parametric equalizers in a single product was a world first. 


DELTATEC has been selected by Apex to develop their new Intelli-X² products, which are high-end digital system management processor platforms.

Featuring internal processing up to 192 kHz as standard for sampling frequency, high-end studio-grade analogue circuit designs and mastering-grade compressors, the new Intelli-series sets the new benchmark in system management and speaker processing design. Whether the application is for a standalone system controller or crossover, configured using front panel controls, or a comprehensive wireless networked system for Stadium or Arena sized tours.



As a high end audio product, the Intelli-X² has to offer the best audio performances available on the market. In particular, THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion and Noise) levels of less than 0.005% are reached on both the audio inputs and outputs. The platform must handle several sampling frequency from 44.1KHz up to 192kHz over a resolution of 24 bits.

The Intelli-X² integrates complex real-time audio processing features providing all the system management tools necessary for comprehensive system alignment and equalization, through to the provision of IIR and FIR based crossovers.


DELTATEC has designed its electronic architecture using very high performance audio components. Analog design, simulations and validation have guaranteed to APEX that the product would meet their requirements.

To compute the demanded audio processing features, DELTATEC has integrated several 64-bit floating-point digital signal processors (DSP). DELTATEC has developed the real-time embedded processing with a constant effort to reduce the demanded resources and therefore optimizing the product capabilities. 

An ARM processor is integrated into the platform to ensure its connection with the outside world: user interface on the front face and triple Ethernet connection for remote control. This processing unit is running Windows Embedded CE 6 in a handless configuration (no graphic display, no user interface such mouse, keyboard or touchpad).

The platform is enclosed in a standard professional and robust 19-inch rack-mountable case, with an attractive look. It provides a user interface on its front face with a LCD screen and viewmeters for audio channels.

The product was designed with its manufacturing cost always in mind to match with the client’s target price.