ATOS Worldline is the European leader and a worldwide main actor on the payments transactions services. They provides services and product for payments and data encryption.


The DEP Transix unit was standalone encryption device managing secure encryption on network transactions.

ATOS owned encryption PCI cards line and wanted to provide a standalone unit that integrate these cards.


The security over the housing was the main requirement that leads to critical mechanical and environment constrains: the unit enclosure had to be tampered evidence with no holes at all. The lack of holes leads to a specific design to handle the thermal constrains and the tampered-evidence required complex mechanism to mount/unmounts the case.


The unit embedded a custom PC designed according to the heavy thermal constrains. The unit could be operated either from its front panel or through network access.

The application ran on an embedded operating system. A special care was given to securing interfaces: application upgrade through USB used a secure USB port with hardware filtering to avoid to connect directly an external device to the embedded PC.