DELTACAST is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art products for the professional TV broadcast market. DELTACAST provides a range of cost-effective video cards that, with the SDK software, can be used in OEM products to create professional broadcast custom solutions and products.


DELTACAST.TV asked DELTATEC to design a tool able to read parameters coming from a monitor (PC, TV, and so on) and configure them for instance to force specific test configurations.
The E-EDID Editor can also be used to edit the EDID exposed by a DELTACAST.TV boards that acts as a monitor.


E-EDID Editor must come with the following features :

  • Representation of the EDID data in text fields and in a Hexadecimal Viewer
  • EDID loading from the Windows Registry
  • EDID loading to a Deltacast DELTA-dvi-e or DELTA-h4k-elp 20 Board
  • Phoenix Format import/export
  • EDID V1.3 and V1.4 support with switching to each other
  • CEA Timing Extension support


The product is available by clicking here.