For our own needs in our Electrical Ground support Equipment (EGSE) and for customer’s EGSE, DELTATEC has developed a multipurpose modular IO board.

This IO boards can handle the following interfaces :

  • SpaceWire
  • UART
  • PPS
  • CAN (optional)
  • 1553 (optional)

The Multipurpose IO board can also decode CCSDS frames (including AES encryption).

This multipurpose IO board is highly modular.

Custom daughter boards for dedicated Analog and Digital interface could be designed without having to redesign the entire IO board. DELTATEC could already propose a set of daughter board, designed for previous projects.

The IO board is interfaced with the host computer through the PCIe bus (4 lanes PCIe Gen2).

The IO board is based on a robust FPGA Virtex 6 design. The boards have been heavily tested (long term tests,…)

The board is delivered with drivers and SDK in order to allow customer to develop their own test application.

Both HW and SDK could be used for high-bandwidth data streaming for load situation tests of the DUT.

The Multipurpose IO board has been used in EGSE for tests the following equipment :