Thales Alenia Space Belgium


FLPP – Valve controller mock-up


Thales Alenia Space Belgium (TAS-B) is a key contributor of launchers project. In the scope of FLPP project, TAS-B was looking for a highly skilled partner able to develop specific function and to industrialize the TAS-B design of multiple valves controller for the supply of the rocket motor.

This project was a technical challenge due to the combination of high intensity currents (20A, 10kHz) and the high density of EEE components on the boards. Beside the technological aspects, this project was subject to very strong planning requirements (~9 months from the kick off to the delivery). 


The solution is based on a modular architecture, each rack includes:

  • A redundant custom power distribution (55V, 30A)
  • Up to 6 valve controller boards
  • A redundant motherboard for the control of the rack

DELTATEC has realized the layout of all the modules of the rack based on the TAS B design. As a full service partner, DELTATEC has also managed the mechanical integration of the rack and its cooling.

A custom FPGA development has provided to DELTATEC an efficient mean of test. The tests have been automatized and run on all the boards successively without any needs of TAS-B side equipment.