Press Release - b<>com and DELTATEC

Press Release - b<>com and DELTATEC

Monday, November 15, 2021

b<>com and DELTATEC bring together a development platform to easily evaluate and integrate the standard DICOM-RTV (Real Time Video) in the product design of medical imaging devices

Over the years, medical imaging has been used to diagnose, detect and monitor diseases at an early stage, support medical interventions and evaluate treatments.

The introduction of imaging technologies in healthcare has raised the need for standard protocols that facilitate the management and transmission of medical images and related data. It has also raised the importance to provide the best-in-class assistance to the surgical team with smarter video systems and perfect synchronization between multiple video sources in the OR.

To meet these challenges, b<>com and DELTATEC are today providing the first complete development platform and design services for medical devices manufacturers based on DICOM-RTV and ST2110 standards. This solution synchronizes real-time medical video and metadata over IP.

By bringing the best of both worlds, b<>com and DELTATEC enable easier video and data transport in real time while reducing the development costs for OEMs. This solution particularly meets the needs of new smart applications such as navigation systems, augmented reality or artificial intelligence based solutions which need a perfect video and data transport, and synchronization.

 b<>com [DICOM-RTV Converter] software stack ensures a future proof plug and play solution on top of a ST2110 stack with a guarantee of conformance with the DICOM-RTV standard. Carole Le Goff, Marketing & Sales, health expert: « With the increasing number of procedures using video and live medical imaging equipment for therapeutic and diagnosis purposes, it is essential to provide the best-in-class assistance to the surgical team with smarter video and navigation systems. To ease the interoperability of such equipment inside the operating room (OR), b<>com has developed a solution that can be easily integrated into a product design”.

DELTATEC ensures the transport of uncompressed videos and related metadata in real-time with the lowest latency over SDI or IP ST2110 networks. DELTATEC offers a wide range of COTS hardware I/O cards, an IP virtual card and a unique video SDK that guarantee a solution 100% under the control of the OEM.

DELTATEC offers also design services for OEM. “We are ready to support medical devices OEMs with their imaging challenges. As a design services company, DELTATEC role is systematically adapted to its customer needs: sometimes it is a pure hardware design, sometimes the development of a dedicated software, and, in other cases, the full design of a product and its manufacturing management” explains Vincent de Longueville, Senior Project Manager at DELTATEC.

The joint-solution has been tested during the European project 5G-TOURS, this project aims at demonstrating the ability of 5G to support multiple vertical use cases concurrently on the same infrastructure. The solution is used in a 5G connected operating room use case where an augmented reality display performs the fusion of data from two complimentary real-time imaging devices: ultrasound, showing the flow and the cardiac muscles, and X-Ray fluoroscopy, showing the surrounding anatomy and the catheter.


b<>com and DELTATEC will be present at MEDICA 2021 in Dusseldorf (Booth #14B68) to present their solution


DELTATEC aims to develop state-of-the-art products that create competitive advantages for its clients. As a design services company, DELTATEC offers hardware design, software development or full design services of a product (hardware, software, mechanics and manufacturing management). Since its inception, DELTATEC has successfully supported more than 500 high-tech projects in various markets such as TV broadcast, industrial equipment, space and aeronautics, aerospace, healthcare and multimedia. | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

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