3D printing at the service of citizens' needs

Thursday, May 07, 2020 - 3D printing at the service of citizens' needs

Solidarity initiatives are numerous in this time of health crisis.

At the local level, DELTATEC contributes to the action of the group Initiative Citoyenne, created specifically to meet the needs of the professionals who are fighting against Covid-19 in the Liege area.

This voluntary group brought together more than 100 owners of 3D printers to launch the printing of more than 12,500 visors in less than 6 weeks. The first target is the front-line workers who can introduce a request online for this kind of essential equipment.

To achieve its goal, Initiative Citoyenne collaborates both with private actors, public entities and with the academic network.

As a state-of-the art company, DELTATEC has provided some technological tools to contribute to face to this crisis. through the donation of two 3D printers and some PLA to the Initiative-Citoyenne.

Would you also like to make a contribution? Visit the website: www.initiative-citoyenne.be