1988-2018: 30 candles to blow!

Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 1988-2018: 30 candles to blow!

3 decades have passed since the foundation of DELTATEC!

On board, the trio of founders continues to drive the company to make it a very nice success story.

In 30 years, DELTATEC has been continuously growing: from 3 directors in 1988 up to 68 human talents today.

This growth is in line with the different activities of the company: service activity for industry, space and industrial vision, proprietary products for the TV broadcast and ProAV markets.

To be at the edge of the technology at one moment is nice, to stay at the highest technological level for 30 years is a daily challenge.

A festive trilogy

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the board of directors has organized a festive trilogy!

In June, the whole staff was brought away for a stay in Normandy. That was an opportunity to share the birthday cake for the first time together. Walking, sport, games, cultural visits, music, whisky tasting and party composed the program.



In October, we continued the program of our 30th celebration by inviting our customers and partners to discover our office in Ans.

After a guided tour in our company with some demonstrations and presentations, we celebrated our DELTATEC's 30 years together around a cocktail and walking dinner program.

As the work of all our employees is at the heart of this professional evolvement, we welcomed their families and friends during an ‘open day’.

All those who have discovered our working environment confirm that technology can perfectly marry with humans. We come back to the fundamentals of DELTATEC, which have guided us for 30 years: Technology makes human dreams come alive.

We are proud of this milestone in our lives and in the life of DELTATEC.

Thank you for having been part of the story of DELTATEC.
Of course, we hope to celebrate another coming decade with you!

Thank you for your confidence,

Christian Dutilleux, Michel Caubo and Olivier Roba